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A Red October 2021

Painting WWII Soviet Winter Uniforms I've grouped the miniatures I received from the Bad Squiddo Games Kickstarter into small batches for painting. In the first batch is the officer, the LMG team, and the six riflewomen in greatcoats. I applied my usual first step in priming the figures with black gesso and adding a zenithal… Continue reading A Red October 2021

World War II - NUTS!

A “Ridiculous” Tank

"In this fateful hour, when the Germans had almost defeated us, those ridiculous tanks saved our positions." - Mikhail Katukov, Marshal of Armored Troops General Mikhail Katukov - Commander 1st Guards Tank Army The T-60 Scout Tank has an unusual place in history, it was beloved and universally hated at the same time. While at… Continue reading A “Ridiculous” Tank

World War II - NUTS!

First Sign of Winter Arrives at Floozy Manor

Early Christmas Package Labor Day was last week signaling the end of Summer. Today, I received a package full of Winter! Yeah, I received miniatures from a Kickstarter I backed from Bad Squiddo Games - WWII Soviet Women in Winter Uniform! They are so beautiful, no flash or mold lines and the poses are so… Continue reading First Sign of Winter Arrives at Floozy Manor

World War II - NUTS!

Wire Barricades

The progress of my WWII Rzhev campaign has been halted while I scramble to build terrain for the next encounter which takes place in a Russian village. A while back, I purchased a Russian church from Warlord Games which is an almost must have for any Russian village and with that purchase I also bought… Continue reading Wire Barricades

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Something Concrete

It's been too long since I've posted to the blog. I've spent the last week in February and most of this month on a couple of painting commissions. I don't do commission work very often, and I think this will be the last time I'll do a 15mm commission. (I'm really not very good at… Continue reading Something Concrete

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder, Part 7 – The Political Officer

To Roza Yedilova, the best part of attending veteran events were the buffet tables. Here her children, grandchildren, doctors and nurses didn't dare tell her what she could and could not eat. At the moment, her gaze was locked on a crostini covered with an interesting blend of melted forbidden cheeses. As she reached with… Continue reading The Meat Grinder, Part 7 – The Political Officer

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder, Part 6 – The Rzhev-Viaz’ma Offensive Begins

The crowd "oohed and ahhed" and small children cried when they fired a small howitzer at the end of the speeches. Roza looked at her fellow veterans, they all smiled and shook their heads. Firing a single howitzer was like firing a toy gun compared to the horrors of a real barrage. Roza vividly remembered… Continue reading The Meat Grinder, Part 6 – The Rzhev-Viaz’ma Offensive Begins

World War II - NUTS!

German Support Group

Or I Painted a Monocle with a German Attached! Imagine, if you will, you are ready to play the next mission in your NUTS! campaign. You've successfully played a patrol mission, so this mission will be an attack mission. You've crafted defensive positions - a bunker and slit trench and then you realize you have… Continue reading German Support Group

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder, Part 5

Each of the speakers made mention of the "brave" women who fought alongside the men. They had to say something thought Roza Yedilova, they needed women to vote to legitimize the elections they had bought. "Fighting alongside the men? That was nonsense in the early days, the officers didn't know what to do with women… Continue reading The Meat Grinder, Part 5

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder, Part 4 – Roll Call

1941 Soviet Rifle Platoon with Attached Assets The wind played cheerfully with wisps of white hair atop heads with solemn faces. A small group of elderly men and women wearing medals sat apart from the crowds listening as politicians droned. Roza Yedilova grumbled to herself about the weather, she was cold even though the younger… Continue reading The Meat Grinder, Part 4 – Roll Call