While waiting for the Eastern Front campaign book, there’s a bit of an arms race at Floozy Manor. A few weeks ago, the Soviets got a T-60 and today, a Panzer III Ausf.G rolled off of the painting table.

It’s a 3D printed resin model that’s about half the cost of a Warlord or Rubicon plastic model and not quite as detailed. But it will fit my gaming needs since I am not a big WWII gamer.

The paint job turned out strange – I mixed a wash of Reaper Grey Liner (an ink), a touch of Vallejo Black and lots of water. When the wash dried, if left a mottled grimy look – I kind of liked it so I didn’t repaint the tank. What do you think?

I have more Soviet infantry in the painting queue, some in Winter uniform, and a Soviet T34/76. Sometime next year I’ll might add some German infantry in Winter uniform and perhaps an anti-tank gun. But I have other projects to work on as well.

As always, and I mean this, your comments, suggestions, critiques and support are always welcome!

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