She’s Coming Back?

Ten years ago, I wrote a series that started with 5150: Book One, quickly moved to the first edition of 5150 New Beginnings and when it finished, Urban Renewal was released. That series featured a street operative and her android companion – Pearl Lemay and Nina Luvdoll. I wrote 16 episodes of Pearl’s Plight, a short story, and four other posts featuring Pearl. Like Marvel and DC Comics, I’d like to do a reboot.

So, I’d like to get a feel for what you would like to see in a new Pearl’s Plight series. What better way than to run a poll!

For rules I’ll be using the latest edition of 5150: New Beginnings and the first edition of 5150: New Hope City PI. And of course, there’ll be new minis of Pearl & Nina.

Feel free to use the comments to let me know what you’d like to see in a series. The poll will run from now until June 21st.

Hopefully the first episode will drop on July 1st: “Pearl’s Plight – The Case of the Restless Redhead.”

3 thoughts on “She’s Coming Back?

  1. Nice to see Pearl making a return, I’ve voted for a larger City and few Aliens (intrestingly my version of New Hope doesn’t have any Aliens and is much more akin to the Blade Runner film settings.) Stay safe.

  2. I will pretty much echo the comments made by STEVEB, and I would add that I have found that just about everything of yours that I have read has been engrossing and entertaining. Write and game whatever pleases you and we will follow along.

  3. A few Aliens, is nice you can add depth to them when there is not much. 10 years crumbs…. what has happened to the time. Have fun regardless.

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