5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens

Last week, which was last year, I set a goal to paint 520 miniatures in 2019.  Here's what came off of the painting desk this week, six fantasy figures and four science fiction figures.  Plus, I rebased two figures that had already been painted. Alexis Spellsinger First up is Alexis Spellsinger from Reaper Miniatures.  One… Continue reading Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens

5150: Science Fiction

The Cool Coolie is on Sale Now!

The Cool Coolie is now on sale at Two Hour Wargames!  I'm excited, but I can't write an unbiased review.  Instead of writing posts this past month or so, I've been writing The Cool Coolie. So what is The Cool Coolie?  It is a scenario book in the 5150 No Limits series of immersion games… Continue reading The Cool Coolie is on Sale Now!

Seven Years War

Hanover Infantry Regiment von Hauss (7B)

The Floozy has gone off the deep end.  This month instead of painting Sci-Fi or Fantasy miniatures, she has painted figures for the Seven Years War.  And in a different size - 10mm!  Oh, the heresy! I've always admired the uniforms of the 18th century - lace, three-cornered hats, and the colors.  But collecting figures… Continue reading Hanover Infantry Regiment von Hauss (7B)


Sisterhood of the Stench – Part 3

Her eyes and nose no longer burned, though her eyes were bleary. "Thank the gods my mouth was closed," Rena thought. She hated to imagine how much her mouth and throat would have burned from the spray. "Are you through soaking in the creek?" asked Clara, "We really should be going." "I still smell like… Continue reading Sisterhood of the Stench – Part 3

Colonial Era / Pulp

A Goat with Teeth

Isawannayu was still fuming when she leapt upon a large rock outcropping to peer into the jungle. Her uncle had become chief after her father died under mysterious circumstances. Her stepmother was now one of his wives. Something wasn't right and when she questioned him about it, he consigned her to be "sacrificed for the… Continue reading A Goat with Teeth


Sisterhood of the Stench – Part 2

Mercy giggled and pointed behind them. Rena looked to see Shandella was lagging behind again. Alainna, who was behind with Shandella, because she was assigned to keep an eye on her, shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. "Poor Shandella, who knew it would be so hard to keep up with 'short stubby legs'" said… Continue reading Sisterhood of the Stench – Part 2


Sisterhood of the Stench – Part 1

They stank. They were dirty, grimy - and they stank. They sat down directly across from Rena Blackanvil. One had long matted blonde hair with icy blue eyes. She propped a formidable crossbow against her chair. The other had dark blondish looking hair done in two greasy braids.  She had leaned a nondescript shield against… Continue reading Sisterhood of the Stench – Part 1


Battle for the Southern Pass

  Of all of the reasons for the hostilities between Asteria and Nica, the chief reason was fear.  The Nycenaeans were fearful Asteria, with its democracy, would allow men to live freely among them, something repugnant to their Amazon sensibilities.  - Menalippe, "The History of the Valkae" Asteria is a land divided by a range… Continue reading Battle for the Southern Pass

Classical Greece

Rally Round the King for Thucydides

"The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage." - Thucydides, 2.43 Rally Round the King from Two Hour Wargames is one of my most favorite games.  In my opinion, it is the best game for mass fantasy battles.  The magic system does not overpower the game.  Powerful elite units and heroes can… Continue reading Rally Round the King for Thucydides

extended family
5150: Science Fiction

A Magic Door “What If”

Lately there's been discussion on the Two Hour Wargames forum about the free supplement, "The Magic Door."  This short supplement gives players the ability to take characters from one game setting to another.  The mechanics are simple and can fit into any of the game titles from Two Hour Wargames.  Anyway, as usual, a story… Continue reading A Magic Door “What If”

5150: Science Fiction

WargamePrint Sci-Fi Style Buildings – A Review

With Texicon looming on the horizon, it is time to start pulling together the resources needed to run a game. This year I'm running a 5150: New Hope City PI game. So that means I need tabletop scenery to represent a run-down neighborhood in "Little Hsia." I ran across these inexpensive paper buildings from WargamePrint… Continue reading WargamePrint Sci-Fi Style Buildings – A Review

Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War Milicianas

"Francesca? Francesca?" Her name was accompanied by rustling in the brush behind her to her right. Francesca scowled her annoyance as two young women, crept up to her position. "Francesca?" "Shhh! Silencio!" Francesca hissed In a low voice. "What are you two doing -- making noise like a herd of cows?" "It's boring sitting out… Continue reading Spanish Civil War Milicianas