A Box of Rocks

Mistress of Time, Episode 6 *Note: This story came out of the second Wandering Encounter as part of a Guard a Traveler Job. So far Zhu's band has lost two members and a mule. Yoko was wounded and Zhu Paand sent her back to Clerseau on a travois with Jota leading the mule. Boris Goddur… Continue reading A Box of Rocks


Starting for Orlogne

Mistress of Time, Episode 5 * Note: This story was developed from a WHAT Wandering Encounter. This encounter is the first of two making up a Guard a Traveler Job. The party had been hired to escort Boris Goddur, an apothecary, from Clerseau to Orlogne in the Border Kingdom. The Possible Enemy Forces (PEFs) could… Continue reading Starting for Orlogne


Suspicious Job Offer

Mistress of Time, Episode 4 *Note this episode is from a Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir (WHAT) Job Offer encounter. The Job Offer encounter is often used to transition the RPG adventuring party from one adventure or encounter to another. It is often used in conjunction with a Carousing encounter. When playing solo, WHAT has… Continue reading Suspicious Job Offer


Lady in a Bathtub

In an episode I've written, I needed a lady in a bathtub to add interest to the miniatures I've assembled for the photos. A woman bathing has been a popular subject in art for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are several 28mm miniatures to choose from in varying degrees of nudity. I chose… Continue reading Lady in a Bathtub


The Blue Goblin

Mistress of Time, Episode 3 A Carousing Story Though this Carousing Encounter does take place in a tavern, if you think all Carousing Encounters take place in taverns or inns, you a selling yourself short. The Carousing Encounter found in WHAT is the perfect catch-all encounter to use for all sorts of occasions and situations… Continue reading The Blue Goblin


WHAT – A Look at Alignment

Alignment Defined & Problems Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other RPGs define Alignment as a character's or creature's basic moral and ethical orientation or attitude. Some game systems avoid alignment altogether. In simplistic terms, Alignment has to do with good and evil. However, life isn't simple. We can all say we have seen "good" people… Continue reading WHAT – A Look at Alignment

Fantasy, Miscellaneous

DIY Tavern Floor Tiles

I've come to believe that growing and learning is something we should endeavor to do until we draw our last breath. Why? Things change. It's often been said that change is the only constant in the universe. So, what has all of this talk about growth and change have to do with Tavern Floor Tiles?… Continue reading DIY Tavern Floor Tiles


The Road to Clerseau

Mistress of Time, Episode 2 A Wandering Story *Note: This story is from a Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, WHAT, Wandering Encounter. A Wandering Encounter (page 99) is used when your characters are traveling from one place to another. In this case, Zhu Paand and Fizzrelda are traveling from the village in the first episode… Continue reading The Road to Clerseau


WHAT Monsters and Other Critters

"Where are all of the cool creepy monsters?" asks the new player. It's true, when you purchase most RPGs, role playing games, the monsters aren't in the core rules. Some rules like WHAT, Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, cover some of the bases. WHAT has 16 different creatures and races, and when it comes to… Continue reading WHAT Monsters and Other Critters


Zhu Paand & Fizzrelda

Mistress of Time, Episode 1 A Recruiting Story *Note: This story is from a Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, WHAT, Carousing Encounter. It takes place in a small village in the Border Kingdom near its border to the Goblin lands and Goranth. The Encounter Rating is 3 and takes place in the village square and… Continue reading Zhu Paand & Fizzrelda


WHAT – Creating a Character You Can Love

Creating a character is easy in Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, WHAT. It is the first thing a player does in any role playing or immersive game. In some games it is an easy process and in others, it is a bit more complex. I've heard and read anecdotes of characters dying before the creation… Continue reading WHAT – Creating a Character You Can Love