Acheson Creations is Closing

After 22 years of fine service and products, Acheson Creations will be closing their doors in May. We all reach a point in life when it is time to do new things and I wish Craig Acheson all the best.

I have always wanted to buy terrain & figures from Acheson Creations, but if I have one failing in this hobby, it is that I focus on figures instead of the terrain needed to make a really nice looking table. Well, dear reader, like me, time is running out to purchase some fabulous pieces for your collection.

So, here’s a quick post of pictures of my purchase, none of the pieces have been assembled, cleaned or flash removed:

African Hut #5 (Namibia)

Bantu Hut

African Grain Storage #3

Bedouin Tent

African Scenics Set 3 – Beached Canoes

4-Sided Totem

Black Rhino

White Rhino


Cape Buffalo




Zebras, Walking

Zebras, Leaping

Zebras, Decomposing

Pronghorn Antelope, Female

Pronghorn Antelope, Male

Wild Pigs

Elephants – Advancing, Charging & Walking

Next week, the Floozy sees the Orthopedic Doctor & she will find out when she can pick up a paintbrush! Anyway, African terrain & figures are just a fraction of what is available at Acheson Creations, so go check it out while there is still time to purchase items for your collections.

1 thought on “Acheson Creations is Closing”

  1. Quel brave femme! I have thought of buying the pronghorn. They are beautiful animals (also the fastest land animal in North America). However, I seriously doubt my painting would do them justice. I do have two oryx (oryxes?), inspired by a trip through oryx country in southern New Mexico. Please post photos of your pronghorn once they are painted

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