Acheson Creations is Closing

After 22 years of fine service and products, Acheson Creations will be closing their doors in May. We all reach a point in life when it is time to do new things and I wish Craig Acheson all the best.

I have always wanted to buy terrain & figures from Acheson Creations, but if I have one failing in this hobby, it is that I focus on figures instead of the terrain needed to make a really nice looking table. Well, dear reader, like me, time is running out to purchase some fabulous pieces for your collection.

So, here’s a quick post of pictures of my purchase, none of the pieces have been assembled, cleaned or flash removed:

African Hut #5 (Namibia)

Bantu Hut

African Grain Storage #3

Bedouin Tent

African Scenics Set 3 – Beached Canoes

4-Sided Totem

Black Rhino

White Rhino


Cape Buffalo




Zebras, Walking

Zebras, Leaping

Zebras, Decomposing

Pronghorn Antelope, Female

Pronghorn Antelope, Male

Wild Pigs

Elephants – Advancing, Charging & Walking

Next week, the Floozy sees the Orthopedic Doctor & she will find out when she can pick up a paintbrush! Anyway, African terrain & figures are just a fraction of what is available at Acheson Creations, so go check it out while there is still time to purchase items for your collections.

One thought on “Acheson Creations is Closing

  1. Quel brave femme! I have thought of buying the pronghorn. They are beautiful animals (also the fastest land animal in North America). However, I seriously doubt my painting would do them justice. I do have two oryx (oryxes?), inspired by a trip through oryx country in southern New Mexico. Please post photos of your pronghorn once they are painted

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