Piathoe’s Peaks Available Again!

Each evening when I check the stats for my blog, I’m a little saddened by the number of dead links people have clicked on. My blog has ten years’ worth of posts. There are older ones, but I’ve taken everything older than ten years offline. But each week someone clicks on a link to a game, miniature line or book that is no longer in production. The two that sadden me most are the clicks for Hinterland Miniatures and for my own Piathoe’s Peaks.

With the advent of the marvelous Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir from Two Hour Wargames, all of the Talomir Tales rules and scenario books can no longer be found on the Two Hour Wargames website. But don’t worry, you can still purchase the Talomir Tales ruleset from Rebel Minis as a PDF file. BUT, there’s better news than that!

Most of the Talomir Tales scenario books are available in a single PDF volume for only $9.95! Including the most excellent scenario book, Piathoe’s Peaks, Talomir Tales: Talomir Adventure Scenario Book brings together several of the Talomir Tales books into one volume for one great low price.

These scenario books can be played with Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir as well as Talomir Tales: Distant Shores with little or no modifications.

So saddle up with Sonja Wolf-Eyes, the Priestess Yrell and their man-servant Bait and hunt the demons terrorizing Piathoe’s Peaks!

One thought on “Piathoe’s Peaks Available Again!

  1. Huzzah!! I get where you’re coming from since the Druid’s Children adventure I wrote is also OOP, and I wrote that for my son when he was in his “Redwall” phase of anthropomorphic animal books.

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