DIY Termite Mounds

The first piece of jungle terrain I’ve chosen to build is a set of termite mounds as scatter terrain to block line of sight. These clusters are quite common in Africa and in the case of the Azande, termites were and still are a part of the diet.

There is even an account of an Azande king being assassinated while gathering termites.

The build only required a few items – dollar store foamcore board, two old wine corks, a couple of plastic drinking straws, a plaster of Paris stone, some air-drying clay, sand, dried tea leaves from used tea bags, Mod-Podge, some plastic plants, & paint.

Since I’m building my jungle terrain for the forested parts of Zandeland, I chose to model the piece in Spring, when everything is still green.

It wasn’t a hard piece to build, it would have taken only a couple of days to build, I started it in January, but fell, broke my arm and didn’t back to it until the day before yesterday in April.

Let me know what you think. Terrain building really isn’t my forte, but there are times when building it yourself is much better than buying it.

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DIY Termite Mound

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3 thoughts on “Termites!

  1. I saw these when I was in Western Australia and thought they were so cool! Did not realize they were in Africa as well.

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