Amazon Update #2

My short-term goal is to paint or rebase enough Amazons to play a game of Warrior Heroes to Be King by the end of the month. With this update, I’m nearly half-way there. I need 22 units (11 for each army) and I’ve finished 9.

A longer goal is to paint and/or rebase all of the Amazons I have in the house. This goal probably won’t be completed until near the end of the year. Especially since I’ve discovered I have 40 plastic Amazons still on the sprue and a little over a hundred in the paint queue.

This week I finished one unit of Nobles (armored hoplites), two units of Warriors (hoplites), and one unit of Archers (toxotes psiloi).

Valkae Amazon Nobles (elite trained armored hoplites)
Valkae Amazon Warriors (frenzied hoplites)
Valkae Amazon Warriors
Valkae Amazon Archers (skirmishers)

All of the figures are from Eureka, except for one. The figure with the sword representing the commander-in-chief (strategos) is from Reaper Miniatures.

Your comments, critiques, and salacious gossip are always welcome. Let me know what you think.

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