In today’s parlance, I’m considered a “multitasker” having the ability to work on several projects at once. Many decades ago, my parents, however, often said I was “scatter-brained.” While I may work on several projects, my completion rate is relatively low.

Anyway, I’ve managed to complete a few of the terrain pieces I purchased from Acheson Creations. As you may recall, at the start of the year I started a project on Zandeland. Then I fell, broke an arm, and here we are with not much being done.

In almost every picture I’ve seen of African homes, the ground around the home is cleared. Whether from South Africa to the Sahara, even in the densest of forests, the ground around the home is clear.

African Hut Number 1

Nambian Hut

African Kongo Hut

The huts were somewhat easy to paint. Even after washing, the first coat of paint had difficulty adhering to the resin. So, each hut took two to three and sometimes even four coats of paint to completely cover the resin. Just be sure to use thin coats.

I have a few more terrain pieces to paint and then my African village will be ready for the tabletop.

Dreadful news today! The average American lifespan dropped again for the second year in a row. Average Americans can look forward to living 76 years and one month. — Phew! It’s a good thing I’m not average!

As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome. I would say they are the highlight of my day, but that would be admitting I don’t have a night life anymore.

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A behind the scenes look at photographing miniatures with a phone.

2 thoughts on “Huts!

  1. Looks much nicer than the African huts I made from cardboard birdhouses I bought at Michael’s! Were the Kongo huts intended to serve a defensive function? They look to have small enough doors that only one person could enter at a time.

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