No Game Conventions for the Floozy!

I had to make the difficult decision to cancel the games I was planning to run at the Lone Star Game Expo. Nor is there any chance I will attend MilleniumCon or other events in the near future.

Unfortunately, it makes little sense to attend conventions when I really don’t feel that well, nor does it make sense to spend money on travel and game material at the expense of delaying needed medical procedures.

So, the Floozy will be staying home the rest of the year preparing for badly needed dental surgery, cataract surgery and a possible abdominal surgery. Yeah, there are times when it really sucks to get old.

Why the change? Well, things are beginning to hurt more.

2 thoughts on “No Game Conventions for the Floozy!

  1. I hated smashing that “like” star, I really wanted a “get better” star! And yes, getting older has many positive, but it does seem the older I get the more pills and doctors I acquire.

  2. Best of luck with the medical problems. Wife had cataract surgery for both eyes in spring and seems to have bounced back well. It took a while, she had blurry vision for a while, and I had to drive her around town.

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