Amazon Update Number 6

Latest batch of 20 Amazons

Managed to rebase another twenty figures. The finished Amazon collection stands at 186 figures with at least a couple of hundred still waiting to be painted or rebased.

Noble Infantry

20 Nobles


24 Archers


16 Slingers


1st group of 20 Warriors
2nd group of 20 Warriors
Group of 23 Warriors

Sword Maidens

20 Sword Maidens


8 Cavalry


30 Peltasts

Leaders, Heroes, and Casters

5 Leaders, Heroes, & Casters

That’s the finished collection, what do you think? Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Most of the figures are from Eureka Miniatures, but there are also some from Reaper, Bronze Age Miniatures, Shadowforge, and Dark Sword Miniatures.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Update Number 6

  1. Some very nice Amazons! Many I can identify, but some I can’t, and will just have to wait until you mention them specifically. Earlier, you mentioned having plastic Amazons. Were these the Wargame Factory figures? I could never make my mind as to whether or not I liked them based on the box art and would love to see some of them all painted up.

    1. Yeah, the plastic ones are the Wargame Factory Figures – they are ok, but are not near as nice as the metal figures in my collection. The costume is silly & the hair on some of the heads is horrendous. Which is probably why I’ve never been in a hurry to assemble them & paint them up. I have some very brittle resin ones from Fenryl that are nice, but brittle, did I say brittle? Parts broke off removing them from sprues & removing flash. They are nice, but will have to be careful not to drop them. I did say brittle, right?

      1. Nice work on these – I recognise some I have in my own collection – Eureka from Australia. I also have some Fenryll figures – civilians such as the villagers hanging out washing, some maids and also some aristocratic ladies – they are very nice figures too. I was a bit nervous about the resin but mine have all survived ok šŸ™‚

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