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Two Henchmen & a Chest

Here's a piece that's been in the paint queue for several years. But as you can guess, I need it in an upcoming WHAT encounter. It's the two henchmen from Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends range - 02548 Merchant & Henchmen. Though I painted the merchant some time ago, the two henchmen sat around partially… Continue reading Two Henchmen & a Chest


They Came from the Painting Table – April 26

Maybe I'm beginning to adjust to a new "normal." After several weeks of doing pretty much nothing, I finally did some painting this past week. Here are the results. First are two female Elf archers from Reaper Miniature's Dark Heaven Legends range. Many years ago as I became disillusioned with Warhammer, I started playing Chipco's… Continue reading They Came from the Painting Table – April 26


Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

Clerics, the religious fanatics of the fantasy genre, are a class of characters I've never played. In fact, I rarely include them in my adventuring parties. When I do, it's only because I think I need a healer in the party. Yet, I have a bunch of them in the lead pile waiting to be… Continue reading Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

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Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

Well, I finally finished the Bolshevik Partisans and a few other miniatures as well. I'm moving closer to that goal, but with only three months left, will I make it? Probably, not - but it's going to be fun to try. Bolshevik Partisans The partisans are from Copplestone Castings' Back of Beyond range. I purchased… Continue reading Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk


How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 1

What is Swordplay 2018? Swordplay 2018 is a free set of rules from Two Hour Wargames.  It is a type or role playing game, RPG, that is sometimes called an "immersive game" or "RPG-lite" game because it has a lesser focus on bookkeeping, the tracking of minute details that can slow a game down.  These… Continue reading How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 1


Shadow Sisters & Skeletal Undead

In addition to painting a batch of Sci-Fi figures this week, I finished some fantasy figures as well.  They are all from Reaper Miniatures and all have been sitting in the painting queue, which gamers call "the lead pile" for several years.  Well, I'm doing my best to reduce that pile. First a little teensy-weensy… Continue reading Shadow Sisters & Skeletal Undead


Kassandra and Onastaa

Turning away from the Old West, I managed to finish two fantasy figures this week.  Both are from Reaper Miniatures, but from different ranges. Onastaa Onastaa is of course, a caster.  She is from Reaper's Dark Heaven range.  She was sculpted by Sandra Garrity in either the late 1990s or early 2000s.  The figure is… Continue reading Kassandra and Onastaa

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Painting Desk – Week 3

What happened to week 2?  Well, when we left the painting desk at the end of week 1, I had 30 goblins on the desk.  I was going to speed paint goblins and get ahead in the mini count.  Turned out that I couldn't get inspired to paint them.  I got them all primed &… Continue reading Painting Desk – Week 3