Amazon Update Number 9

As the week draws to a close, 19 more Amazons were rebased. There are 45 on the painting table and over a hundred in the lead pile awaiting their turn. Anyway, here are this batch of 19:

Amazon Armored Hoplites (Shadowforge & Eureka miniatures)
Amazon Unarmored Hoplites (Eureka miniatures)
Amazon Peltasts (Eureka miniatures)
Amazon Sword Maidens (Reaper miniatures)
Amazon Archers (Reaper miniatures)
Amazon Magic Users (Reaper miniatures)

3 thoughts on “Amazon Update Number 9

    1. It depends on which Amazon city-state you find yourself. In Latona, men are hunted for sport & are routinely sacrificed at religious festivals. In Nycenae, men are slaves. Asteria, like most other nations in Talomir, there are men who are slaves & men who are free, BUT like women in pre-1924 United States, men can’t vote, bear arms or own property – they can own a business. One of the reasons of the animosity between Nycenae and Asteria is that the Nycenaeans fear Asteria will soon give men full legal equality, which will cause slave revolts among the men owned by the Nyecnaeans. On the mainland, in the few Amazon tribes of Hykar, men and women are pretty much equal, except it is the women who rule the tribe.

  1. I’m catching up on your marvellous output since my last visit. Still over 100 in the pile? That means more progress posts to come, ripper!
    Regards, James
    p.s. Giving men equality; the beginning of the rot…!

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