Amazon Update Number 7

Finished another batch of Amazons – 16 more. Many, many more yet to come. It’s amazing & a little depressing at the number of unpainted miniatures languishing in boxes & drawers.

Amazon Traditional Cavalry & Light Cavalry – Eureka Miniatures
War Maiden Cavalry – Casting Room Miniatures
War Maiden Cavalry – Casting Room Miniatures
Amazon Slingers – Eureka Miniatures
Amazon Peltasts – Eureka Miniatures
Dark Heaven Sorceresses – Reaper Miniatures
Female Gladiator – Shadowforge Miniatures

3 thoughts on “Amazon Update Number 7

  1. Looking at the one sorceress, I recalled that many 16th-17th century witches were alleged to have performed their rituals in the nude. Even many modern Wiccan ceremonies are carried out skyclad, so as to be in closer contact with nature. However, nobody gets a +1 (or whatever) for taking off their clothes before casting a spell. Of course, our wizards and sorceresses are combat mages, and taking off all our clothes would be much more time consuming than drawing a sword or pulling out a scroll with a spell.
    On a totally different subject, I realized I hadn’t made my usual $1 a month contribution for September, but I don’t see a box for that today.

    1. The actual “Amazon” or female warriors faced by the Greeks were from the many Eurasian tribes living around the Black Sea. They were not only clothed, but also wore pants. However, Greek artists like modern artists discovered that sex sells. Why buy a plain vase when you can buy one with a naked warrior woman on it? This particular sorceress is from the Reaper Miniatures Savage Beauty boxed set where the inspiration for the figures is from Keith Parkinson and Larry Elmore paintings.

      1. “Greek artists” Yes, I remember Pseudolus mentioning, ok, blackmailing, Hysterium about having “Rome’s most extensive collection of erotic pottery” in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

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