The Ogress

Gronza, the Ogre Beauty, is a pinup miniature from Artizan Guild. I usually buy miniatures because I need them in a game. I bought this one because I wanted to push my painting skills a little. I spent nearly ten hours painting this one figure (four hours on the skin alone). After looking at the close-up photos, I feel I should have spent a few more on the face.

What do you think? She won’t win a Golden Demon, but she turned out nice.

7 thoughts on “The Ogress

  1. Skin tones are very hard, and there is a lot of skin to paint on this figure! Since you didn’t describe your technique it’s hard to know if I should bee looking for undertones or not. The one think I noted was how shinny the skin appears in the photos, which could be lighting or it could be the finish of the paint. You might want to look at a fine matte varnish to knock the shine off, unless you where going for an oiled skin look!
    I think the face looks fine, especial given the scale of the miniature. Overall, I like the painted model!

    1. I’m beginning to think my varnish may be the problem. I’m using LiquiTex matte varnish, but sometimes the finish is more of a satin or slightly glossy – & it may be the lights as well.

    1. She’s not part of the Amazon army, she does reside in Talomir, but so do the Amazons. The lore that has been written so far is that the bulk of Amazons reside on Valkae, but there is also a small number of Amazon tribes among the horse lords of Hykar.

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