Orctober: The Wrath Brothers & Their Big Sisters

Some time ago, three, four, maybe five years ago, the local* comic bookstore drastically cut prices and liquidated all miniatures except for Games Workshop and Privateer Press’ War Machine.

*Local in Dallas terms means it is 30 miles from my home.

Brother Red
Brother Yellow

Anyway, I was able to pick up a $35.00 box of minis for only $7.00. In the box was a female Orc spell caster in a pose that said, “add me you your collection, now, foolish woman!” And I painted her up and have used her as an Orc spell caster ever since. The rest of the minis sat in the painting queue until now.

Brother Blue
Brother Orange

They may not even be orcs in a strict sense. They were part of a faction for the Cool Mini or Not game, Wrath of Kings, which has been out of production for about five years. This faction had an Asian theme, so instead of these figures being Orcs, they may actually be Ogres or Oni. I can’t find any information other than the males are call “the Wrath” and are led by a female called a “Big Sister.”

Brother Green
Brother Purple

I painted them as Orcs, and they are slightly larger than average Orcs, they are what was called in Warhammer Fantasy, “Big Uns.” I also decided to call them the Wrath Brothers, a band of Orc mercenaries with bronze power fists powered by magic. The magically imbued power fists count as a melee weapon in WHAT and Talomir Tales. The Big Sisters are Orc sorceresses who recharge the power fists with spells as well as dealing damage in battle.

Sister Red

They turned out to be a delight to paint. I chose to paint the trousers using primary colors and their combination colors (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple). For the sisters, I painted them in reverse colors, one is wearing red and black, while the other is wearing black and red. Let me know what you think of them. Also, if you observe Orctober, what did you do this year to celebrate all things goblin?

Sister Black

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