5150: Science Fiction

Blue and Green – Part 3

Clubbing Jiyoon Mar stared at her wig.  It was a contradiction, but life among the Gaeans was full of contradictions.  They called themselves “basics” as in “basic humanoids”, the word “human” had become an elitist word in some circles and a racial obscenity in others.  She had permanently removed her hair like a Shoovian nun… Continue reading Blue and Green – Part 3

World War II - NUTS!

Bolshevik Gun Molls, Amoebas, Lady Death & Fascists!

Bolshevik Gun Molls Advancing I've finally taken the plunge to do some 28mm World War Two wargaming. I've held off for a long time because there weren't any female sculpts. Well that has changed with Bad Squiddo Games, who have a marvelous range of WWII female Soviet soldiers. I ordered the "Urrah!" deal which is… Continue reading Bolshevik Gun Molls, Amoebas, Lady Death & Fascists!

5150: Science Fiction

Blue & Green – Part 2

Launching a Star As the last note of the bosun’s call ended, the duty officer, Ensign Ska, barked, “Captain on deck!” Commander Taeyeon Sea came to attention and with the rest of the crew, bowed.  Returning the bow, Captain Trinna Zin said, “Thank you, as you were.”  She walked up to Taeyeon, who was standing… Continue reading Blue & Green – Part 2


They Came from the Painting Table – April 26

Maybe I'm beginning to adjust to a new "normal." After several weeks of doing pretty much nothing, I finally did some painting this past week. Here are the results. First are two female Elf archers from Reaper Miniature's Dark Heaven Legends range. Many years ago as I became disillusioned with Warhammer, I started playing Chipco's… Continue reading They Came from the Painting Table – April 26

Colonial Era / Pulp

Hunting the Man-Killers

A CHAIN REACTION ENCOUNTER The drum talk interrupted the usual night sounds of the crackling campfire and nocturnal creatures.  “Mukesh,” snarled Jack Gable standing in front of his tent buttoning his shirt, “what is so important to wake the jungle at this hour?” “A village beyond the Napondi has been attacked, people ripped apart” replied… Continue reading Hunting the Man-Killers

5150: Science Fiction

Blue & Green – Part 1

Introduction Here's a new story, broken over several parts. Blog posts are typically short forms, so I can only reasonably do one scene at a time to hold the typical blog reader's interest. I'm not knocking a reader's attention span - I'm acknowledging that a blog post is a short form & not a novel.… Continue reading Blue & Green – Part 1