Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Figures for To Be King - 2 units of Valkae Warriors & 1 unit of Archers Unless you are the rare (to me anyway) type of person who has the remarkable ability to plan for the future, you will at some point have to rebase some miniatures. If you are new to the hobby, you… Continue reading Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Colonial Era / Pulp

Elephants Three

I recently purchased one each of the three 28mm elephant poses from Acheson Creations. One elephant is advancing, one is charging, and one is walking. The elephants are cast in a resin and require minor assembly - ears and tusks need to be attached. I really like the poses and they are a fraction of… Continue reading Elephants Three

Fantasy, Miscellaneous

Two Henchmen & a Chest

Here's a piece that's been in the paint queue for several years. But as you can guess, I need it in an upcoming WHAT encounter. It's the two henchmen from Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends range - 02548 Merchant & Henchmen. Though I painted the merchant some time ago, the two henchmen sat around partially… Continue reading Two Henchmen & a Chest


Suspicious Job Offer

Mistress of Time, Episode 4 *Note this episode is from a Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir (WHAT) Job Offer encounter. The Job Offer encounter is often used to transition the RPG adventuring party from one adventure or encounter to another. It is often used in conjunction with a Carousing encounter. When playing solo, WHAT has… Continue reading Suspicious Job Offer


Lady in a Bathtub

In an episode I've written, I needed a lady in a bathtub to add interest to the miniatures I've assembled for the photos. A woman bathing has been a popular subject in art for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are several 28mm miniatures to choose from in varying degrees of nudity. I chose… Continue reading Lady in a Bathtub


The Blue Goblin

Mistress of Time, Episode 3 A Carousing Story Though this Carousing Encounter does take place in a tavern, if you think all Carousing Encounters take place in taverns or inns, you a selling yourself short. The Carousing Encounter found in WHAT is the perfect catch-all encounter to use for all sorts of occasions and situations… Continue reading The Blue Goblin

Colonial Era / Pulp

New Year – New Project – Zandeland

Why Zandeland? Well, my jungle terrain is beginning to look a bit shabby so what better incentive for refurbishing existing terrain and building new terrain than to expand my African collection with new miniatures - the Azande! I know of only two companies who make 28mm figures of the Azande (both by the same sculptor):… Continue reading New Year – New Project – Zandeland

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams: The Orange Line

Sleeping Dragon, Episode 2 *Note: This episode is from a 5150 New Beginnings Travel Encounter. Why a Travel Encounter? Because, the characters are traveling from one point in the city to another. The Travel Encounter is a short encounter to play and sometimes nothing happens in the encounter. But, remember all of that backstory you've… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams: The Orange Line

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams: The Sex Party

Sleeping Dragon, Episode 1 - NSFW *Note: This episode was generated from a Chillin' Encounter from the 5150 New Beginnings rule set published by Two Hour Wargames. The actual game encounter took about fifteen minutes to play, including the time to create characters. It involved my Star, interaction with an NPC with favorable results and… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams: The Sex Party