Campaigning on Valkae – Part 1, Geography

Campaigning on Valkae (Elaine's Version) INTRODUCTION "Menalippe of Asteria here presents her research so that all that has happened to the Valkae might not fade from memory. May the great and wonderful deeds of the Amazons and the barbarian nations of men be sung, as well as the causes that led them to make war… Continue reading Campaigning on Valkae – Part 1, Geography


Hippothoe – Part 1

"She can't be serious?" asked Brisia as she stepped out of the river. Polydora handed her a towel and replied "She is serious, you can ask her yourself. She wants to fight five matches in a row come next game day." "What did Margo say?" asked Harmothoe brushing her hair. Polydora shrugged her shoulders. "She… Continue reading Hippothoe – Part 1