Seven Years War

General Officer in Command

I've finished painting the command figures for my Seven Years War Project - Last Bridge at Hoya. In the game Muskets and Shakos, and every other horse and musket game, there are figures used to represent the commander-in-chief or general officer in command of the army and figures to represent brigade commanders. In larger scale… Continue reading General Officer in Command

5150: Science Fiction

Augmented Reality – a Toolkit for Adding Detail to 5150 Games

I've gotten to the point that I can't play a game unless it tells a story. I guess that's why I've never been an avid card player or why I can never get into chess or dominos. A short look at my blog posts will find that they are more story than AAR, After Action… Continue reading Augmented Reality – a Toolkit for Adding Detail to 5150 Games

Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War for NUTS! – Part One, Small Arms

Entrenched Republican Militia 1936 “When you have had a glimpse of such a disaster as this – and however it ends the Spanish war will turn out to have been an appalling disaster, quite apart from the slaughter and physical suffering – the result is not necessarily disillusionment and cynicism.  Curiously enough the whole experience… Continue reading Spanish Civil War for NUTS! – Part One, Small Arms


Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

Clerics, the religious fanatics of the fantasy genre, are a class of characters I've never played. In fact, I rarely include them in my adventuring parties. When I do, it's only because I think I need a healer in the party. Yet, I have a bunch of them in the lead pile waiting to be… Continue reading Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

Colonial Era / Pulp

Death in the Jungle – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of a picture heavy battle report using the Colonial Adventures rules. The game actually plays quickly, it's when someone (like yours truly) takes a photo after every dice roll that slows the game down. This post covers turns 3 and 4 where Isawannayu's elite Lioness Guard assaults the French line. Turn… Continue reading Death in the Jungle – Part 3

Colonial Era / Pulp

Death in the Jungle – Part 2

This is the second part of a battle report covering a Colonial Adventures game. There are 132 figures in the French column and the Rebel army has 298 figures. It may seem a bit lopsided in the Rebels favor, but actually the French rifles and mountain howitzer tend to even things out. This battle report… Continue reading Death in the Jungle – Part 2

Colonial Era / Pulp

Death in the Jungle – Part 1 (a Colonial Adventures Game)

In this post, I'm turning my attention to the large battle game - Colonial Adventures. Colonial Adventures was published by Two Hour Games and now sold by Rebel Minis in both print copy and PDF. The first edition was published in 2009 and the second edition was published in 2012 with minor changes and additions… Continue reading Death in the Jungle – Part 1 (a Colonial Adventures Game)

Colonial Era / Pulp

Fortunes Won & Lost Patrol Encounter

Today, I continue my Colonial gaming by playing the Patrol Encounter from Fortunes Won and Lost. Fortunes Won and Lost is a set of Colonial Era rules using small units by Two Hour Wargames (now Two Hour Games) and sold by Rebel Minis. Major Maxwell Wembley In this game, my character, Lt. Caroline Matthews, accompanies… Continue reading Fortunes Won & Lost Patrol Encounter

Spanish Civil War

The Red and Black Column – “Columna Roja y Negra”

Many of the militia columns formed in Barcelona flew flags divided diagonally into red and black fields. It represented cooperation between the Anarchists (Black) and the Socialists (Red). A Spanish Civil War column is roughly equivalent to a regiment in regular armies. The Red and Black Column was primarily composed of F.A.I. members (Federacion Anarquista… Continue reading The Red and Black Column – “Columna Roja y Negra”

Old West

Finishing the Cowboy Faction

In addition to painting a few Dark Elves this pass week, I managed to finish some Old West figures as well including Knuckleduster's Cowboy Faction set. A few weeks ago, I had painted Curly Bill Brocius and Tom McLaury. I've since learned that there may be some confusion between the Knuckleduster catalog and the movie… Continue reading Finishing the Cowboy Faction

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams – Part 5

“A basic rule of thumb about hackers is that we live to peek at things that others have hidden, it’s our nature." Laughing Man, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex They wasted no time in taking care of Charlene, especially after her employer agreed to cover the costs.  While she was in the surgery,… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams – Part 5