Goncalo Machado

Ever see a mini in a catalog or on a website and think “wow, cool” but then you get the mini and think “meh?” This mini, while unpainted, looked cool on the seller’s website. But when I got it, it took me a while to figure out he was wearing a mask.

Anyway, I’ve finished the Barbarian member of the party, Goncalo Machado. Like Florinda Carreira, he is from Cheliax. I found out in my research of Pathfinder’s Glorian setting, that Cheliax had a lot in common with Spain and Portugal. Therefore, I decided to give characters from Cheliax Portuguese or Spanish sounding names. An interesting thing about Cheliax is that as a nation, the Pathfinder rules give its alignment as Lawful Evil, which is in keeping with what Hollywood has taught us about Spain and Portugal being villains. Yes, the Spanish, Portugese, and Mexicans are heartless cruel bastards only surpassed by Nazis and billionaires according to the movies. Which isn’t true of course, except maybe for billionaires and billionaire-wannabes.

Unlike the other Chelaxians in the party, Goncalo comes from the countryside rather than the sprawling cities. He is also of common origin and not a member of the nobility.

He is a big guy, and while in the pictures it appears Goncalo and Florinda are the same height, notice Florinda is standing on a 3mm integral base.

One of the things that happened as I built the group, is that there is friction and a distrust between the members of the group from Cheliax and the members from the Mwangi Expanse.

So far, I’ve only completed miniatures for three members of the adventuring party – Taji Mbutzi, Florinda Carreira, and Goncalo Machado.

How do you make a Barbarian in WHAT (Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir)? Simple, you start with the Fighter class and give him or her the Rage Attribute.

As always, and I mean this, your comments, thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

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