5150: Science Fiction, Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy, Old West

Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

Well, I finally finished the Bolshevik Partisans and a few other miniatures as well. I'm moving closer to that goal, but with only three months left, will I make it? Probably, not - but it's going to be fun to try. Bolshevik Partisans The partisans are from Copplestone Castings' Back of Beyond range. I purchased… Continue reading Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy

Colonial Marines, Slavers, Dragon Born & a Fly Demon

I know it has been a while since I've done a post about miniatures leaving the lead pile to enter the ranks with their painted comrades. This week sees the completion of some French Colonial Marines, Arab Slavers, a Dragon Born warrior and a Fly Demon. French Colonial Marines First, let me begin by saying… Continue reading Colonial Marines, Slavers, Dragon Born & a Fly Demon


Shadow Sisters & Skeletal Undead

In addition to painting a batch of Sci-Fi figures this week, I finished some fantasy figures as well.  They are all from Reaper Miniatures and all have been sitting in the painting queue, which gamers call "the lead pile" for several years.  Well, I'm doing my best to reduce that pile. First a little teensy-weensy… Continue reading Shadow Sisters & Skeletal Undead


A Sacrificial Altar

When I began this hobby, we were into mass fantasy combat.  Terrain consisted of a sheet spray painted green and brown, a hill or two, a few trees, and a cardboard building to block line of sight.  The rules we used seldom required more than three pieces of terrain.  Today, I play more skirmish level… Continue reading A Sacrificial Altar


Talomir Tales Gnolls for Piathoe’s Peaks

Gnolls Gnolls are large humanoid creatures resembling hyenas.  In some parts of Talomir they are known as Hyenafolk.  These creatures form packs and are seldom found alone.  Packs typically range in size from 10 to 30, though larger packs, often called "tribes" have been known to be as large as 100 members. They are known… Continue reading Talomir Tales Gnolls for Piathoe’s Peaks

5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Dungeon Tiles, Painting Gnolls, and a Study in Red

This month has been a little slow, hobby-wise.  It has alternated between cold and warm and cold and hot and freezing weather here in the Dallas area, often on the same day.  The wild fluctuation in temperature has played havoc on my health.  So chalk one up for the "it sucks to get old" meme.… Continue reading Dungeon Tiles, Painting Gnolls, and a Study in Red