Quick & Easy Bar Tables

I like to think I’m a good writer, a decent miniatures painter, a fair gamer and a terrible crafter! Creating nice looking terrain does not come easy to me. I look at an empty cereal box and see an empty cereal box while someone else sees a farmhouse. Anyway, when I was taking pictures yesterday for the third part of the Xeog story, I threw down a bottle cap with an old heroclix base on top as a table. Looking at the picture now, it looks terrible, but it gave me an idea for building a very simple set of tables for a modern or sci-fi setting.

I cut out three circles of cardboard for table tops. I scraped them with a wire brush to give a small amount of wood grain texture and then glued them to caps from soda bottles. I used hot glue simply because I wanted to start painting right away without having to wait for glue to dry.

I primed them with black gesso. You could also just use black acrylic paint with a little PVA glue mixed in. I don’t think the cardboard tops will warp, but priming with gesso or paint mixed with a little glue, mod podge, or matte varnish will help prevent that.

The tables then received a coat of a golden brown and after it dried, I applied a dark brown wash to bring out the “wood grain” and to darken the tables.

If I wanted to make tables for an Old West, Victorian or Fantasy setting, I could use tooth picks (cocktail sticks in some parts of the world) to make table legs. The thought immediately comes to mind that I’d probably not get all of the legs the same length and wind up with wobbly table. Lol

Do take note that table dancing in some parts of the galaxy is considered a health code violation!

2 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Bar Tables

  1. You did a good job!

    As for crafting you don’t really need to be too creative, just spend some time perusing what the really creative people do and unashamedly copy them, that works for me 😛

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