Amazon Update #3

This week I finished rebasing and touching up five more units of Amazons. Only eight more units to go before I have two armies for a Warrior Heroes to Be King game. You may notice there are six bases – I split the cavalry unit into two bases simply because I’ve found placing four to six 28mm metal cavalry figures on a single base makes the base a bit heavy to move on the tabletop.

A Unit of Skirmish Cavalry
Sword Maidens (Elite, Frenzy)
Archers (Skirmish)
Warriors (Frenzy)

One thought on “Amazon Update #3

  1. The elite sword maiden with the long gloves: I have one of those and every time I think I should paint it, I look at and think, “Boy are her arms too long, wonder what I could do about that.” And I put her back in the drawer for “next time.” Yet, in your photo, her arms look more or less normal length. Camera angle, just the way you painted her, what? By the way, her face came out quite well, as did the face of the reddish haired woman in the last photo with the demon shield.

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