Menalippe’s Bestiary – Nymphs

Note: This post contains photos of nude miniatures.  They aren't Barbie doll naked, they are naked naked. Nymphs are female nature deities found throughout the wilds of Talomir.  They are often the daughters of gods and mortals, but some were formed from nature herself.  Nymphs live in places of wonder: springs, caves, forest groves, and ocean… Continue reading Menalippe’s Bestiary – Nymphs


Recruiting Day – Part One

It was a cold winter morning as two young women hurried down the road. The frost crunched under their footsteps. Their breaths were clouds of steam quickly dissipating into the frigid air. A thin sliver of light appeared behind them heralding the rising sun in his chariot. Ahead of them, perhaps over the next rise,… Continue reading Recruiting Day – Part One


Hippothoe – Part 1

"She can't be serious?" asked Brisia as she stepped out of the river. Polydora handed her a towel and replied "She is serious, you can ask her yourself. She wants to fight five matches in a row come next game day." "What did Margo say?" asked Harmothoe brushing her hair. Polydora shrugged her shoulders. "She… Continue reading Hippothoe – Part 1