Limber Up

10mm Battalion Gun Limbers from Pendraken

Since the allied forces will be advancing on Hoya in column, I need artillery limbers for the game. You don’t absolutely need them, but they are nice to have. What I’ve found unusual is that during this period, the limbers of light artillery of the French and Hanoverians were pulled by 3 horses in single file. The Brunswickers used 4 horse limbers with the horses teamed in tandem pairs.

Figure painting must be a matter of preference. At the smaller scales, I find 10mm a joy to paint, while 6mm is a chore, and 15mm is a pain in the backside. Odd, I know. But then, I’m probably not the most rational of figure painters.

As much as possible, I’m trying to keep the base frontage at 30mm. So, the limber’s base is 30mm x 60mm & the battalion gun’s base is 30mm x 30mm.

Next up are a couple of French limbers.

Until next time, stay safe & wear your mask when you have to go out. Texas is supposed to be the friendly state, but at times it seems it is a state full of inconsiderate folk. My son works in the ICU of a large hospital. He is exhausted and the strain is wearing on him. Several weeks ago, things were better. Then the hospital opened up to allow one visitor at a time in a room, many refused to wear masks, the virus is rampant in the hospital. The last two days, ambulances arrive one after the other. His hospital is supposed to be a heart specialist hospital, most of their floors are now committed to COVID-19 treatment. Most of this is because people won’t wear masks, won’t keep social distance and demand pre-pandemic service. Do my son a favor, wear a mask when you go out. I’ll get off of my soap box now, please excuse the outburst, but our hospital workers are being worked to the point where many are beginning to show signs of PTSD.

3 thoughts on “Limber Up

  1. Stop tempting me to different scales – I’ve a mountain of 20mm to paint up still!

    Hope your son stays safe in his work. My own city seems to be nudging towards the first in the UK to go back into local lockdown – probably for much the same reasons as you gave it seems.

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