Jimmy “the Smirker” John

Mr. James John, a.k.a. Jimmy the Smirker, a.k.a. Smirking Jimmy, a.k.a. Smirking John, a.k.a. “the Smirker”, and numerous other handles not fit for polite society is a “fixer.” A fixer is a logistics problem solver – he or she can procure, fence, hire personnel or broker a deal whether legit or not so legal.

He’s known for his contemptuous smirk. He began as a well-paid attorney, who was disbarred when implicated in a scheme providing drugs and prostitutes to spoiled neer-do-well children of wealthy corporate execs. Now, he sells anything and everything to anybody – for a price. Need a military grade pulse rifle? He can get that. Need to plant incriminating evidence on your corporate rival? He can arrange that.

Smirking John is usually listed as a Cyberpunk Dealer and is a 3D Printed Miniature sold by several boutique miniature companies found on Etsy & eBay. These figures fluctuate in scale from 28mm to 35mm depending on how the miniature company prints the figure. The quality of resin also varies between the companies. So, buyer beware, talk to the printer and get enough information to feel comfortable ordering.

Now, if I were a serious mini-painter, I would have done some object source lighting effects around his face in color, it’s a thing in Cyberpunk now for people to line their collars with LED neon lights. But, my painting pile is much too large and I must move on to other miniatures.

I’m really enjoying painting the Cyberpunk miniatures I’m finding on Etsy, they fill a gaming niche that’s often hard to find. What do you think of 3D printed resin minis?

As always, your comments, suggestions, offers of servitude and praise are most welcome.

3 thoughts on “Jimmy “the Smirker” John

  1. Nice mini! Someday i will get a printer, but cannot be for now, finances are not in the right state to sink that much money on that at the moment. If you want cyberpunk minis, the Unit9 Patreon has a bunch of those, and i believe they have given some Etsy sellers the rights to print them.

    As for glow, you can always do the quickest OSL ever with just drybrushing some paint of the right color on the area light falls on, but yeah, in general there’s no need, those blinky glowy lights shouldn’t be that bright on daylight anyway. What you can do is my favorite cheat for glowy lights: Paint them in pure white, then give them a coat or two of fluo paint on top of that. Voila! Near-instant, bright, cheery glowy light! If the bright object is big enough do light grey instead of white, with pure white in the brightest part that is supposed to be the source of the glow. And if you point a blacklight at the mini that will literally glow like a LED 😀

  2. A really nice little character.

    3d printing is far too modern a thing for me to comment on. I did hear though that resin was very brittle and liable to snap, not sure if that’s true with 3d printed figures.

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