Azande with Muskets

The Azande were among the few tribes who quickly adopted use of the rifled musket, so much so that at the start of the twentieth century, some Azande kings had their own regiments of uniformed Askari.

They were a warlike people engaged in wars with neighboring tribes for conquest and expansion of their lands. In the 1870s, they turned their attention to expel Arab traders. Their wars of expansion turned into wars of defense after 1884. Unbeknownst to the Azande, at the 1884 conference on Africa in Berlin, attended by representatives from the European Nations, the Ottoman Empire and the United States, but not a single representative from Africa, Africa was divided among the nations to prevent war. The conference actually only postponed wars among the European powers, but it did make a mess of Africa. Zandeland was divided among three powers, the Belgians, the French, and the British. From 1885 to 1910, the Azande fought against the Europeans.

This group of musket armed warrior were sculpted by Mark Copplestone whose Copplestone Casting Ranges can be purchased from North Star Military Figures, Brigade Games, Badger Gaming, and other retailers.

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