Party Lady

Fresh off of the painting table and in time for the holiday parties is the Party Lady from Vae Victis Miniatures. She’s a fantasy villager, but could be used for other periods and she’s just perfect to add to your tavern encounters.

The dress was painted with Golden’s Interference Blue over Golden’s Primary Cyan. “Interference” paint is what the art world calls color shifting paint. Though there isn’t much in the way of a color shift when painted over another color which I did for this model. For this model, I just wanted the lady to wear a shimmery party dress.

The figure is a 28mm 3D printed resin miniature purchased from Modest Minis Studios. I’m really beginning to like 3D printed minis simply for the variety of poses available. What do you think? Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I hope your holidays will be bright and full of cheer!

You know, I’ve been that drunk, er, happy a few times. Ok, I admit this Floozy has been sh*t-faced a time or two.

One thought on “Party Lady

  1. Nice work – I agree with you about 3d printed figures too – I got a few from a gut in France – WWII Soviet female soldiers – and they are pretty good.

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