The Village

I’ve finally finished painting the African buildings I purchased from Acheson Creations last year. I did say I’m a slow painter, didn’t I?

Now that I have them all on the table, it looks like some of the roofs could use a heavier dry brushing to give a little more age to the thatch to match the granaries. What do you think? Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Of course, this makes me want to play a Fortunes Won and Lost or Mission St. Mary game.

3 thoughts on “The Village

  1. Yes, needs to be weathered/darken up a bit. Also, as you are my go to for interesting miniatures, where did you find the porters?

    1. All of the figures are from Wargames Foundry – they have the most extensive range of figures for 19th & early 20th century Africa. Most of the range was sculpted by Mark Copplestone. You can also find compatible figures at North Star Military Figures.

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