Fizzrelda Takes a Bath

Often, I buy miniatures to build an army for a game, or to tell a story, but sometimes I find a miniature that is just plain fun. I would say this mini was easy to paint, but a large part of it was the fun I had painting her.

Titled “Goblin Bath Pinup”, the figure is a 3D print from Vae Victus Miniatures, which I purchased from a print service, ModestMinisStudio, since I do not own a 3D printer. This figure is 32mm in scale/size but fits in with most newer 28mm figures which tend to actually be 30mm. Anyway, this mini cries out to be in a Carousing Encounter in a THW fantasy game such as WHAT.

Fizzrelda is one of my favorite characters, so much so that if given a choice of reincarnation, I want to come back as a redheaded female goblin.

What do you think? Do you have minis in your collection that serve no purpose other than they are fun to look at?


Fizzrelda Takes a Bath post

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2 thoughts on “Fizzrelda Takes a Bath

  1. “With flaming locks of auburn hair,” –Dolly Parton
    I have Irregular’s Extrovert Viking General, which I bought just to see what that was, since there wasn’t a photo back then. I kept it and painted it because, well, you never know when you’ll need somebody dropping his drawers. I also have Old Glory’s pirate in a kettle being boiled for the cannibal feast, even though I know you wouldn’t really cook him whole, and alive and still dressed.

  2. Great looking figure, and, yes, I have lots of figures that fall into that category – in fact, almost my entire Pulp collection is just an excuse to buy nice figures that I would not have any use for in a more conventional era!

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