How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 2

Starting the Game Well, you've created your Star Character and recruited your group of Grunts who are NPCs, nonplayer characters.  This means the game mechanics will govern their actions and that they may not always perform as expected.  You've read the rules on Action, Spell Casting, Shooting and Melee.  You are ready to start the… Continue reading How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 2


How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 1

What is Swordplay 2018? Swordplay 2018 is a free set of rules from Two Hour Wargames.  It is a type or role playing game, RPG, that is sometimes called an "immersive game" or "RPG-lite" game because it has a lesser focus on bookkeeping, the tracking of minute details that can slow a game down.  These… Continue reading How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 1

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams, Part 4

“The pain in the index finger of his right hand was especially strong.  This didn’t make any sense – his index finger was the cheapest cybernetic finger available, and had never included nerve features like the ability to feel pain.”  - Junichi Fujisaku, “Double Targets” Yin took a sip of bottled water and then poured… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams, Part 4

Seven Years War

French Infanterie Bretagne – Picquet Detachment

I've finished the last of the French infantry for my "Bridge at Hoya" Seven Years War game project.  I still have a ways to go - 1 Brunswick Battalion & a company of Jagers for the infantry, the cavalry for both sides, command stands for the generals, artillery limbers, supply wagon & the terrain.  But… Continue reading French Infanterie Bretagne – Picquet Detachment

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams – Part 3

“She didn’t see that first bullet, but it must have hit a wire or something, coming through, because the lights came on.  She did see the second one, or anyway the hole it blew in the leather-grain plastic.  Something inside her stopped, learning this about bullets: that one second there isn’t any hole, the next… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams – Part 3


Kassandra and Onastaa

Turning away from the Old West, I managed to finish two fantasy figures this week.  Both are from Reaper Miniatures, but from different ranges. Onastaa Onastaa is of course, a caster.  She is from Reaper's Dark Heaven range.  She was sculpted by Sandra Garrity in either the late 1990s or early 2000s.  The figure is… Continue reading Kassandra and Onastaa

Old West

Jake and Friends

Jake You'll kind of recognize Jake from the movie Silverado.  This is an old sculpt from Westwind/Old Glory's Cowboy Wars range.  In that range, you'll find a lot of Western movie characters including the four main characters of Silverado.  Most of the sculpting is very good and the horses are some of the most dynamic… Continue reading Jake and Friends

Old West

Mary, Myra and Martha

Mary Katherine Horoney - aka Big Nose Kate She was born in Hungary and lived to be 90 years old.  She went by many names in her life - Katie Elder, Kate Fisher, Kate Melvin, Big Nose Kate, Nosey Kate, Mrs. John H. Holliday, Kate Cummings.  She is perhaps best known as the common law… Continue reading Mary, Myra and Martha

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams – Part 2

“Everybody’s looking for something, some of them want to use you; some of them want to get used by you...” – Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams. Corporations, much like governments, tend to neglect their infrastructure.  Heating and air conditioning systems, power plants, shipping and receiving docks, and building maintenance were all such points that could be exploited. … Continue reading Star Punk Dreams – Part 2

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams – Part 1

“But seeing her there, that drunken kid’s hand in hers, that hand she couldn’t even feel, I knew, once and for all, that no human motive is ever entirely pure.” – William Gibson, “The Winter Market” Yin swam through a fog of pain as she surfaced to consciousness with a hangover induced headache.  The source… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams – Part 1